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October 09, 2009


Yesterday we wanted to go to the famous Lincoln City bakery for a donut - or two! We had it all planned out - get to the bakery by 9am, order and eat our donuts, and then drive to the outlet mall to do a little shopping. We found the bakery, right on Hwy 101, cars parked in front. That's unusual for such a popular bakery. We found out why....they're closed on Thursdays. Thursdays? Who would've thought? Okay....there goes that plan - now what? I remember seeing a donut shop close to our RV park so we head back the way we came and sure enough there is one in the shopping center right next to the park. We buy our donuts (yes, more than one) and there is no room in the little shop to eat them....all the tables are taken. So we get back in the car and go across the street to the bottle return at Safeway for that little errand. It's still to early to go to the outlet mall and the day is very foggy and cool, so we decide to head back to the park and just be lazy for a few hours and maybe go back out in the afternoon.

I took Cooper for a short walk through a neighborhood and down to the beach. There seem to be a lot of homes for sale - I wonder if people are trying to sell vacation homes in this depressed economy. Good time to buy if you're looking for a home on the beach. Of course a ocean front home still goes for half a million!

In the afternoon we headed south to the outlet mall and of course I succumbed to departing of a few dollars....I was going to be good but there were some "great deals" to be had! I did buy a few birthday gifts as well though - to assuage my guilt!

Speaking of's dangerous for me to have a Bi-Mart so close to where I'm staying. I've walked there 3-4 times since I've been here and spent too much money - all on things I "need" for the motorhome lifestyle, of course!

This morning we're going to the casino to have breakfast and  redeem the $2 off coupons that we received for getting a player's card. After breakfast it's time to clean up and un-hook the motorhome and travel back to Portland and home. I have loved my three weeks traveling in Ellie and could easily see myself just heading somewhere new and exciting down the road. It's always fun to plan your next stop. Although I think if I were to keep going this time, I would head south to warmer climates! I have been really lucky with the weather on this trip, however - most days have been exceptionally clear and beautiful.

It's also been nice having mom and dad as company. We travel well together as we both enjoy each other's company but also respect our own private time and space. They've been so helpful to me as a new RVer and I know I can rely on them with anything and they're always there to lend a hand. I like being solo in my own motorhome but traveling with someone else is really special - you know they're just across the way and that's comforting. You know you're not alone.

I've come to the conclusion that when I travel to Alaska next year, and possibly beyond , that I must keep a tighter budget. It's easy when you're in a different town to want to see and do and eat all there is and oftentimes that takes money. Also there are so many great things I want to buy for Ellie that it's hard to put a reign on it. Since I don't have income coming in at the moment I must take that into consideration when I'm out on the town!

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing DG again, who has also been away on business for the past two weeks, and my other dogs, Kyra and Emmitt, and to the normal routines of the day when living in a "sticks and bricks" home. But I will always have that roaming spirit within me and will look forward to my next adventure on the open road.

Keep living the life you love!

October 08, 2009

smoke alarms

When anyone comes knocking at the motorhome Cooper goes crazy. This time it's my mom and he greets her in his normal way, almost knocking her over, and instead of coming back inside as usual  he takes off running. We take off in pursuit, yelling his name and soon I find him along the dog run, chasing after a dog on leash, barking and jumping. I tear after him, apologizing for my dog's bad social behavior while she's trying to pick up her dog, who's just thrown up on the grass, probably from fear of this lab monster attacking him. The "older" lady is trying to calm her dog down while he sounds like he's choking for air and I'm running after Cooper who's barking furiously, thinking this is all a fun game.

How long can I use the "he's just a puppy" line? Or "I have a Marley", as if that excuses his exuberant, wild behavior? Most of the time, Cooper is a sweet and lovable dog who just thinks that all other dogs - as well as humans - are there to play with and jump on and bark at.  There are times when I can just see him weighing his options.....should I behave and do as I'm told or should I go for it and suffer the consequences later? Some of the time he surprises me  and I think he's finally growing up and getting it - other times the Marley puppy just oozes out of him. It's hard to harness all that energy and excitement - and, when it doesn't involve humans who don't understand, I love to watch it, that love for life and everything in it.

Last night I decided to "break in" the oven by cooking my mom's homemade lasagna. I really wanted to put foil or a cookie sheet down on the bottom but the manual says it's a no-no, so once I preheated the oven to 350 degrees, in went the lasagna. Just looking at it I knew there was trouble ahead.  About 5 minutes later the smoke alarm went off. With one hand I'm waving at the alarm with a kitchen towel, the other hand trying to open the door to let the smoke out. I open the oven door to check things out....looks okay. Turn down the heat a bit -maybe it's too hot. Five minutes later the smoke alarm goes off again. By this time the cheese is oozing over the side of the dish onto the floor of the oven, which is right above the burners. Five "alarms" later, I give up, turn the oven off and take the lasagna out. It's been in there about 30 minutes and I'm hoping that's enough - if not, there's always the good old standby, microwave! My oven has cheese drippings all over the bottom and the inside of the motorhome is a smoky haze.  The next time, screw the manual- I'm putting a pan below the rack!

I took the lasagna over to mom and dad's motorhome and we had a nice leisurely dinner together. I'd forgotten to take my cell phone with me and when I got back, I had received a phone message from the RV park manager telling me that my dog was barking (I had left the window open because of the smoke) and that he needed some attention. I'm sure "Marley's"  on the black list today!

October 07, 2009


I like taking close-up pictures of flowers for some reason.
Here's one I took the other day that I really like.

Lincoln City

Cooper and I walked into town this morning and then took a side road to the beach. It was easy to find beach access. We walked about a mile down the beach and then saw the casino so went back up to the road and headed for "home". We'll chill out for a little while and then do some more walking later in the day.
What a life, huh?

Our "home" for the next few days

Cooper's favorite place to be when I'm away. Someone asked me the other day if he had a license to drive!

Our "foggy" walk on the beach this morning

Flexibility, Part Two

October 6, 2009
Today the plan was to drive up the road to Beverly Beach State Park, just north of Newport, Or. I've stayed there before in the summer and I've enjoyed it. We pulled up to the registration building and because it's October and the "Discovery Season" the rates are a little lower and it's self check-in. Like Beachside, you can have any site that isn't already reserved. Because we were there on Tuesday, it wasn't going to be a problem finding an available site for the next two days but Thursday we were told to check back because many had made reservations for the weekends. I continue to be surprised at how full the campgrounds are in October, but on reflection, I guess I can see why. The weather has been exceptionally nice, the rates are lower than the prime season of summer, and the beaches are not crowded.

We drove all the way to the back of the campground - Loop G. The sites are all fairly shaded. There was water and electric hook up available but no sewer. Loop G is a long was from the ocean. We parked there for awhile, mulling over our options and whether we wanted to stay three more days in a shaded site that was a long walk to the beach. In the end we decided to move on and continue up the coast to Lincoln City to see what we could find in that area.

We ended up at an RV park that's very close to Chinook Winds Casino and has a beach view (sort of) and beach access is a short walk down the hill to the casino. The park is really just a parking lot, but the staff is very friendly, stores are all within walking distance, as well as the casino (except that I don't gamble), and best of all  IT'S IN THE SUN!! There is a very clean, well maintained laundry room so I was able to do my laundry. After 8 days at the beach, my clothes were dirty, salty and sandy! It felt good have clean clothes again! I also received a great deal by paying for two nights and getting the third one free just by walking down to the casino and getting a player's card. Nice! While there we received a coupon for $2.00 off breakfast, lunch or dinner on Tuesday or Friday. Since we were too late to take advantage of it on Tuesday we plan to walk down on Friday morning and have breakfast.

I'm parked on a concrete slab with full hook ups. I have a cute little picnic table outside my door. There is a large grassy area behind my motorhome to walk Cooper. I have motorhomes very close to either side of me, so there's not a lot of privacy. But it's in the sun!! You win some, you lose some!

Since we've done our share of beach walking this past week, I think I'll take Cooper into town today for a  change of pace. Yesterday I went to Bi-Mart, which is only a block away and bought Cooper a dog bed so that he had his OWN bed off the cold floor. I also bought a small inverter, which is useful when dry camping to turn DC into AC (so I can use the computer, TV, reading lamp, etc) and a small air compressor because once I return home it will be time to think about winterizing "Ellie" and I've been told that a great way to blow water out of the lines is with an air compressor.

Dad came over to the motorhome and showed me how to hook up to Cable TV, how to light my oven, where my hot and cold water valves were located on the motorhome. It's so nice to have him show me all these things pertaining to a new and different way of living. The more I learn, the more I like it.

So what I learned this week is that flexibility is one of the perks of being on the road and it's also the key to your success.

A quick update on towing my parent's car:  I didn't tow it after all because the cable that connects the lights and turn signals had a different connector to connect their motorhome than to my motorhome. I was both disappointed and relieved! Instead of towing I practiced hooking up the tow car to his motorhome. I think I've got it down pretty well and should be able to hook up my own car on the next trip!

Another sunset

October 5, 2009
The day was clear, warm (for the beach in October) and perfect for a great sunset.
I can't think of a better way to end the day - except maybe that beer!

Flexibility, Part One

October 4, 2009
I think one of the keys to success in the RV lifestyle is your ability to stay flexible. Sometimes things don't work out the way you planned and the ability to stay flexible and "go with the flow" is the gage on which you'll be happy or unhappy in any given situation.

When we pulled into Beachside State Park outside of Waldport on Sunday, I was hoping for a sunny site near the ocean with electric and water hook-ups. It was a self registration set up, where you pick out any site that isn't already reserved, stake out that site and then register after. We were told that there were only two unreserved sites left that could accommodate us for the two nights we wanted to stay. Mom and dad got one right by the bathroom that would accommodate their 30' motorhome and I drove around to the other site, only to find someone had just pulled into it. So I drove back around to where mom and dad were parked and pulled into a site next door without any hookups. I figured it would give me a chance to find out how well "Ellie" does dry camping. It was also $5.00 per night less expensive than elec/water hook up.

My site, in fact most of the park, was shaded, which translates into cooler temperatures. That's nice in the summer, but when you're dry camping in October and the night temperatures are in the 30's, it's cold! But I did find out how well "Ellie" lives up to the task of keeping me comfortable while dry camping.

First of all, I have a solar panel on my roof, which charges my batteries. It's a struggle keeping a full charge when you don't have a lot of sun but it did a good job regardless. Second, I have a catalytic heater which uses propane to heat the motorhome. During those really cool mornings when I couldn't turn on the furnace or space heater, it was really nice to be able to heat the motorhome with my "alternate" heating source. Lastly, I have a generator on my motorhome so I could crank that up (after quiet hours) and be quite comfortable. I think every now and then I should dry camp, just to give my alternate energy sources a chance to perform!

I did discover that I needed additional covers for my bed if the weather was cold and I was without heat. Luckily, mom and dad had a small down comforter that I was able to use. Cooper didn't fare any better on the cold floor. After listening to him whine for awhile, I finally allowed him on the bed with me and he settled down to sleep. He even snored! That comforter made all the difference - thank you mom and dad!

I found I could make coffee, a much needed necessity for me in cold weather, by heating water on the stove and using my small French Press coffee maker. It did a great job at making a strong cup or two in the morning!  It might have been hard to get out of bed in the chilly mornings, but I still had ways to make my RV living quite enjoyable. Cooper and I spent most of the day on the beach, where the sun was shining and the warmth of it inviting and enjoyable. Being able to be flexible was a key to success in camping at Beachside State Park. I was able to learn new things about my motorhome. I found that "Ellie" performed exceptionally well dry camping. I believe it turned out to be even a better experience than if I'd been "hooked up."

October 04, 2009

Breaking Camp

Today we head up the coast. We also say good-bye to one couple traveling with us, as they are heading toward Central Oregon to visit family. It's been nice traveling with them; they're very easy to get along with and S always has good food and wine to share!

I'm going to try towing a car for the first time today and I'm a little nervous about it. I need to learn how to hitch, tow and unhitch from the "expert" before I attempt it on my own so I'm going to hook up my parent's all-wheel drive Suzuki and give it a try. It's a heavier car than my Honda CRV is and it's also loaded with "extra" supplies but I should be okay if I just take it nice and slow. After all, who am I going to pass on Hwy 101? I'll be curious to see what kind of gas mileage I get. I'll also be reassured to know my dad's watching out for those things I don't know to watch out for yet!

I do have to make a side trip into Walmart and buy some dog food. I guess I miscalculated and I'm out a week early! Since I'm not ready to head straight home, I'll opt to buy more food instead! Should be interesting navigating the parking lot towing a car for the first time!

I don't think we're going that far today - maybe to Waldport which is only about 80 miles up the road. The nice thing about traveling in an RV and not having campground reservations is that if you decide to go on you can! You are free to go and do as you wish! If you don't like the look of a campground, move on! If you're tired you can stop, if you're still energized you can keep going!

I noticed last night that the water in my fresh water holding tank is down. I wonder why? I'm hooked up to city water....did I forget to turn the faucet on? Hum...must figure out why the water is down. I'm still learning all the nuances of owning and operating a home on wheels. I'm so used to a sticks and bricks house that this is a learning curve! I'm embarrassed to say that I thought the furnace ran on electric and not propane! The one at home runs on electric! Geez....I have much to learn! I know - it's scary to think I'm out there on the road!

I need to buy an air compressor. I could use one for many reasons - the most obvious is to fill tires, but also to blow out my water lines in winterizing the RV. I've yet to find the valve to open my hot and cold lines but I did finally find the lowest point under the motor-home. Here's how I'm thinking it should go: Drain the water heater, drain the fresh water tank, open all the faucets, open the valve to the water lines (when I find it), blow air into the line to flush all excess water out. Did I cover it all?  I'm sure it's not that easy - just another thing to learn along the way! In reading one of my favorite blogs, Howard referenced an air compressor he really liked - a Coleman 1.5 gal, 150 psi. It looks compact and weighs approx 24 pounds. I think I'll check it out. One of the readers asked if it was really noisy...said he bought an air compressor that was so noisy he was embarrassed to use it and gave it away! Something else to think about!

Today when I arrive at the campground, instead of hooking up right away, I'm going to run the generator  awhile and fill up my holding tanks a bit. Slowly but surely, I'm learning new things and new ways of doing things. At times it's frustrating but most of the time, especially when I've been successful, it's very rewarding!

Keep living the life you love!

October 02, 2009

RV Adjustments

The slideout on my RV has been dragging on the forward side each time I slide it out. The dinette fascia would bend so much that I would have to slide out a little bit, then kick the panel back in, slide out, kick the panel, etc.  I was afraid it was going to break in two before long - it's already cracked -  so when we were in Coos Bay the other day I made an appointment with Gibs RV to have them look at it and adjust the slideout if necessary. I also wanted the anode on the water heater replaced, as the one I had was corroded.

This morning I unhooked the RV and followed my dad into Coos Bay. We arrived just as they opened at 8am. I left the RV with them and then we drove back to the park to hang out until time to pick it up. At 11am they called to say the RV was ready. It turns out it didn't need adjusting at all, which was a relief. The rubber seal on the forward side kept popping out so they put a sealant on it to keep it in place, the bench seat fascia had fallen so they took it off and shaved some off the bottom so it wouldn't drag on the carpet any longer when putting the slide out. They also drained the water heater, flushed it, replaced the anode rod, refilled it and tested for any leaks. I was impressed with the service and that they didn't try to fix something that didn't need fixing.

Now if I could just find someone like that where I live.......

Sunset at Sunset Bay

October 1, 2009
Today we took a drive into Reedsport. We went to the bakery and purchased delicious donuts or as my dad calls them, "Fat Pills". Then we walked over to a nice used book store where I purchased some books by my current favorite author, Jodi Picoult. The owner said her books don't last long and that I was lucky he'd just put those on the shelf. The other "used" book I've been looking for is "Twilight" and no one seems to have it. I'm still not at the point where I want to purchase it new and since I have so many others to read I don't mind waiting for a used version of that one. I also bought three Dean Koontz books, which is another favorite author.

We ate lunch in Charleston at Fisherman's Grotto and this time I had grilled oysters, which were very good. I ordered calamari for an appitizer but I've had much better. I think if we go again I'll have to re-order the clam chowder, which is what I had the first time I went, as that was really good.

The weather was so clear and beautiful that we decided to head back up the Cape Arago Hwy later that evening to watch the sun set. Mom, dad and I decided to walk back down the trail just past Sunset Bay viewpoint to take some more pictures. I'm glad mom decided to go with us - we wanted to show it to her and I don't think she was disappointed. From Sunset Bay to Shore Acres is an easy 2 mile hike. We probably hiked a mile of that to the perfect viewing spot of the ocean and the horizon.

There are so many discoveries within Cape Arago, Shore Acres and Sunset Bay that I'm certain I'll be back again. Charleston, Coos Bay and North Bend have a lot to offer, with many hidden treasures - much more than I originally thought - I'm really glad we decided to spend the week here. It's a place I'd be happy to come back to. Of course, the near perfect weather added to our overall enjoyment.

This is Cape Arago Lighthouse. Stands 100 feet above ocean. The light atop 44 ft high tower was illuminated in 1934. Unfortunately, it's not open to the public but you can get some good pictures from the viewpoint at Sunset Bay.

This is Simpson Reef, home to numerous sea lions, seals, gray whales and herons.

View of Shore Acres Observation building. Shore Acres began as the private estate of Louis J. Simpson, pioneer lumberman and shipbuilder. He brought flowering plants, trees and shrubs from around the world abord his sailing ships. In 1942 Shore Acres was purchased by the state of Oregon for use as a public park. The formal gardens were restored and continue to attract thousands of visitors a year.

Darkness has fallen and the moon is full

September 30, 2009

Quiet time at the beach

Cooper and I were on the beach this morning before 7:30am. To our delight, the beach was deserted. The leash came off and Cooper took off running. I can see the joy on his face as he runs the beach, free and wild. Every now and then he'd run back to me, barking out his happiness, then off he'd go again. Joy and peace fill my heart as I walk down the beach in quiet solitude. There's a mist of rain in the air and I can see a beautiful rainbow stretched out across the ocean sky. As I look to the east I can see the sun peaking out over the horizon, ready to begin a new day. I marvel at God's handiwork and that I am here to enjoy it.

We walk on toward the jetty at the far end. Cooper chases birds and runs and frolicks to his heart's content and my heart is full just watching him play. Down the beach we find a dead seal washed up on shore. We end up finding two of them during our walk this morning. I wonder why they washed up and what happened to them that they can't get back to sea.

All too soon, it's time to turn around and head back. It was the perfect start to another day in the beautiful state of Oregon. My home.

Rain in Charleston

Yesterday we drove from Brookings to Charleston. The day started out beautiful and sunny but by the time we arrived in Charleston it was raining - but not for long it seems. I hooked everything up in the rain and then it quit in time for me to check out the beach. It's a nice beach, good for a long run with Cooper this morning!

The RV park is nice. They have movies to rent in the office. I tried getting my TV to work last night so I could watch a movie they were showing on the local cable but I never could get it to work. Each time I'm out in "Ellie" I discover new things about making her more a home and less a "camper". Hooking things up properly and more quickly is the key to my success! My dad has shown me numerous things to make life a little easier on the road. Yesterday he gave me a TV cable because I didn't know I should travel with one in case they have cable TV at the park. The things I'm learning! Now, if I can just get the TV to recognize the cable! Not that I mind really....I'm not much of a TV watcher anyway and I'm in the middle of a pretty good book.

After we arrived at the RV site we went to lunch at a great little cafe down the street and I had a sourdough bread bowl filled with homemade clam chowder. Since I'm blogging I really should write more notes because I can't remember the name of the restaurant we were at. After eating we went to Walmart and I got a clamp on desk light so that I can read in bed. The overhead light above the bed/sofa casts shadows on my book and the desk light is above and behind me and works perfectly for reading! I have it clamped to the magazine rack on the wall - doesn't look great but it works and I'm happy to be able to see the print in my book. I also took a little step stool that I had and I use that as my end table. Improvise, improvise.....

After shopping at Walmart we went to an RV sales/service place where dad wanted to pick something up. I thought I'd ask them about my slideout. Seems that it's dragging on one side when I slide it out. I noticed it when the panel under the dinette bench was bending when the slide was going out so I'd slide a little and then KICK the panel with my shoe, slick a litte - KICK. It was a slow process but I didn't want the panel to break. It's already cracked a bit and I know it'll be an expensive fix to get it replaced. So I asked Tony, the service tech if he could adjust the slideout this week. He said the BT Cruisers were a little tricky and so the job may take up to four hours (think labor cost!) but they could get me in first thing on Friday morning at 8am. I'm hoping that once it's adjusted properly it will stay that way and not be something that becomes misaligned on a regular basis.

After that we went to a little store called Chucks (I remembered!) where they sell fish/seafood/sauces/mixes....that sort of thing. I bought a small can of smoked salmon, a small can of smoked oysters (I hope I have crackers), a smoked salmon with jalapeno "stick" and some rosemary, olive oil facascia bread.

We were going to have a fire in mom and dad's firepit last night but we all decided we were tired after our excursions and were going to call it a night. A ranger came by earlier and told us there was a tsunami warning on the coast and to stay off the beach for the afternoon/evening. Keith loaded his car with necessities just in case we needed to drive to higher ground later on and I decided I'd better take the awning down just in case of high winds (or a tidal wave!). I woke this morning and I'm still here so I guess the tsunami was a little one after all. I'm looking forward to that run on the beach this morning!!

September 27, 2009

Beach Fun in Brookings

Today we drove from Eureka, CA to Brookings, OR. We're staying at the Beachfront RV Park which is right on the ocean. The site I'm in has electric and water hookup but no sewer. It's very close to my neighbor's site and has a small view of the ocean but no matter....I'm not really in the motorhome much during the daytime and it's quiet at night. I'm looking forward to falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. It was a beautiful, warm day at the beach and we took some nice walks.....Cooper played in the sand and water and had a great time rolling around with Lucy, my parent's Puggle. The sunset this evening was beautiful and so I was out on the spit snapping as many pictures as I could before it dipped below the horizon. We'll be here one more night before traveling north and I'm hoping tomorrow will be as spectacular as today was.

Last night we took a cruise around Humbolt Bay in Eureka and then I said good-bye to my daughter for awhile - until I can get down this way again. I really miss her and wished she were closer but she's happy where she's at now and plans to stay there for a few more years. There is so much to do in that part of the country that I'm sure it will be a great excuse to go back and spend even more time exploring.

When I got back from the bay cruise I ended up going to a Roller Derby bout at the fairgrounds. I'd bought the ticket earlier in the afternoon and thought it would be fun entertainment. It was, except that I don't know anything about roller derby and couldn't understand the announcer so I was lost as to what was happening. I stayed and watched for about an hour and then went back to "Ellie" and hit the sack for the night. I think I need to do a little research on roller derby before my next bout.

Back to today at the beach......we decided to grill for dinner and so I grilled my marinated chicken breast, some fish fillets and marinated zucchini that I bought at the Farmer's Market in Arcata yesterday. It was so yummy and I saved most of the zucchini and the chicken to eat later. The others had hot dogs and hamburgers. I felt like I was the gormet grilling queen!

Here are a few pictures of the beach, Cooper and sunset:

September 25, 2009

Sequoia Park

September 25, 2009
Today Cooper and I hiked in Sequoia Park which is a little over 1/4 mile from the RV park at the fairgrounds. We entered the park from Dolbeer, right past the Zoo, but there are many places you can catch the trail from the streets.There are many trails, both paved and unpaved in the park along with a duck pond, meadows, gardens, a big stone fireplace, old growth trees. We had a really nice walk and I was able to take a few pictures along the way.


Strawberry Rock

September 24, 2009
On this day we hiked an unposted trail called Strawberry Rock that's well known to the locals but hard to find for others. Alex & Mike, who'd been up the trail in the past, were our well-equiped guides. The first thing I noticed at the trailhead was the "No Tresspassing" sign posted on the gate, but this didn't seem to be a problem with Alex, who said that no one pays attention to it anyway! We hiked uphill until we came to a rock quary, where we could view our destination, Stawberry Rock, in the distance. I'm glad Alex was with us, as there were some forks in the road along the way with no clear indication which way to go. Along the trail were many kinds of ripe berries....blackberries and some that looked like wild blueberries. We followed a gravel road for a short distance before hiking uphill once again to face of Strawberry Rock.The first thing I noticed was that I had to climb (scale?) the very vertical (for me, a NON climber) face of that rock. I was last and had a lot of trepidation about whether I could make it up there but since I REALLY wanted to see the view from the top I persevered and finally made it up. It was worth it! Even though the day wasn't perfectly clear it was still an awesome view. Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Now and then you could hear cars on Hwy 101 but you couldn't see them...they were well hidden in the trees. We stayed up there for awhile but all too soon it was time to hike back. I was nervous about climbing back down the rock but it proved easier than going up. Someday it would be worth a trip back at sunset!