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September 27, 2009

Beach Fun in Brookings

Today we drove from Eureka, CA to Brookings, OR. We're staying at the Beachfront RV Park which is right on the ocean. The site I'm in has electric and water hookup but no sewer. It's very close to my neighbor's site and has a small view of the ocean but no matter....I'm not really in the motorhome much during the daytime and it's quiet at night. I'm looking forward to falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. It was a beautiful, warm day at the beach and we took some nice walks.....Cooper played in the sand and water and had a great time rolling around with Lucy, my parent's Puggle. The sunset this evening was beautiful and so I was out on the spit snapping as many pictures as I could before it dipped below the horizon. We'll be here one more night before traveling north and I'm hoping tomorrow will be as spectacular as today was.

Last night we took a cruise around Humbolt Bay in Eureka and then I said good-bye to my daughter for awhile - until I can get down this way again. I really miss her and wished she were closer but she's happy where she's at now and plans to stay there for a few more years. There is so much to do in that part of the country that I'm sure it will be a great excuse to go back and spend even more time exploring.

When I got back from the bay cruise I ended up going to a Roller Derby bout at the fairgrounds. I'd bought the ticket earlier in the afternoon and thought it would be fun entertainment. It was, except that I don't know anything about roller derby and couldn't understand the announcer so I was lost as to what was happening. I stayed and watched for about an hour and then went back to "Ellie" and hit the sack for the night. I think I need to do a little research on roller derby before my next bout.

Back to today at the beach......we decided to grill for dinner and so I grilled my marinated chicken breast, some fish fillets and marinated zucchini that I bought at the Farmer's Market in Arcata yesterday. It was so yummy and I saved most of the zucchini and the chicken to eat later. The others had hot dogs and hamburgers. I felt like I was the gormet grilling queen!

Here are a few pictures of the beach, Cooper and sunset:

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