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September 30, 2009

Quiet time at the beach

Cooper and I were on the beach this morning before 7:30am. To our delight, the beach was deserted. The leash came off and Cooper took off running. I can see the joy on his face as he runs the beach, free and wild. Every now and then he'd run back to me, barking out his happiness, then off he'd go again. Joy and peace fill my heart as I walk down the beach in quiet solitude. There's a mist of rain in the air and I can see a beautiful rainbow stretched out across the ocean sky. As I look to the east I can see the sun peaking out over the horizon, ready to begin a new day. I marvel at God's handiwork and that I am here to enjoy it.

We walk on toward the jetty at the far end. Cooper chases birds and runs and frolicks to his heart's content and my heart is full just watching him play. Down the beach we find a dead seal washed up on shore. We end up finding two of them during our walk this morning. I wonder why they washed up and what happened to them that they can't get back to sea.

All too soon, it's time to turn around and head back. It was the perfect start to another day in the beautiful state of Oregon. My home.

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