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October 02, 2009

RV Adjustments

The slideout on my RV has been dragging on the forward side each time I slide it out. The dinette fascia would bend so much that I would have to slide out a little bit, then kick the panel back in, slide out, kick the panel, etc.  I was afraid it was going to break in two before long - it's already cracked -  so when we were in Coos Bay the other day I made an appointment with Gibs RV to have them look at it and adjust the slideout if necessary. I also wanted the anode on the water heater replaced, as the one I had was corroded.

This morning I unhooked the RV and followed my dad into Coos Bay. We arrived just as they opened at 8am. I left the RV with them and then we drove back to the park to hang out until time to pick it up. At 11am they called to say the RV was ready. It turns out it didn't need adjusting at all, which was a relief. The rubber seal on the forward side kept popping out so they put a sealant on it to keep it in place, the bench seat fascia had fallen so they took it off and shaved some off the bottom so it wouldn't drag on the carpet any longer when putting the slide out. They also drained the water heater, flushed it, replaced the anode rod, refilled it and tested for any leaks. I was impressed with the service and that they didn't try to fix something that didn't need fixing.

Now if I could just find someone like that where I live.......

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