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October 04, 2009

Breaking Camp

Today we head up the coast. We also say good-bye to one couple traveling with us, as they are heading toward Central Oregon to visit family. It's been nice traveling with them; they're very easy to get along with and S always has good food and wine to share!

I'm going to try towing a car for the first time today and I'm a little nervous about it. I need to learn how to hitch, tow and unhitch from the "expert" before I attempt it on my own so I'm going to hook up my parent's all-wheel drive Suzuki and give it a try. It's a heavier car than my Honda CRV is and it's also loaded with "extra" supplies but I should be okay if I just take it nice and slow. After all, who am I going to pass on Hwy 101? I'll be curious to see what kind of gas mileage I get. I'll also be reassured to know my dad's watching out for those things I don't know to watch out for yet!

I do have to make a side trip into Walmart and buy some dog food. I guess I miscalculated and I'm out a week early! Since I'm not ready to head straight home, I'll opt to buy more food instead! Should be interesting navigating the parking lot towing a car for the first time!

I don't think we're going that far today - maybe to Waldport which is only about 80 miles up the road. The nice thing about traveling in an RV and not having campground reservations is that if you decide to go on you can! You are free to go and do as you wish! If you don't like the look of a campground, move on! If you're tired you can stop, if you're still energized you can keep going!

I noticed last night that the water in my fresh water holding tank is down. I wonder why? I'm hooked up to city water....did I forget to turn the faucet on? Hum...must figure out why the water is down. I'm still learning all the nuances of owning and operating a home on wheels. I'm so used to a sticks and bricks house that this is a learning curve! I'm embarrassed to say that I thought the furnace ran on electric and not propane! The one at home runs on electric! Geez....I have much to learn! I know - it's scary to think I'm out there on the road!

I need to buy an air compressor. I could use one for many reasons - the most obvious is to fill tires, but also to blow out my water lines in winterizing the RV. I've yet to find the valve to open my hot and cold lines but I did finally find the lowest point under the motor-home. Here's how I'm thinking it should go: Drain the water heater, drain the fresh water tank, open all the faucets, open the valve to the water lines (when I find it), blow air into the line to flush all excess water out. Did I cover it all?  I'm sure it's not that easy - just another thing to learn along the way! In reading one of my favorite blogs, Howard referenced an air compressor he really liked - a Coleman 1.5 gal, 150 psi. It looks compact and weighs approx 24 pounds. I think I'll check it out. One of the readers asked if it was really noisy...said he bought an air compressor that was so noisy he was embarrassed to use it and gave it away! Something else to think about!

Today when I arrive at the campground, instead of hooking up right away, I'm going to run the generator  awhile and fill up my holding tanks a bit. Slowly but surely, I'm learning new things and new ways of doing things. At times it's frustrating but most of the time, especially when I've been successful, it's very rewarding!

Keep living the life you love!

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