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October 02, 2009

Sunset at Sunset Bay

October 1, 2009
Today we took a drive into Reedsport. We went to the bakery and purchased delicious donuts or as my dad calls them, "Fat Pills". Then we walked over to a nice used book store where I purchased some books by my current favorite author, Jodi Picoult. The owner said her books don't last long and that I was lucky he'd just put those on the shelf. The other "used" book I've been looking for is "Twilight" and no one seems to have it. I'm still not at the point where I want to purchase it new and since I have so many others to read I don't mind waiting for a used version of that one. I also bought three Dean Koontz books, which is another favorite author.

We ate lunch in Charleston at Fisherman's Grotto and this time I had grilled oysters, which were very good. I ordered calamari for an appitizer but I've had much better. I think if we go again I'll have to re-order the clam chowder, which is what I had the first time I went, as that was really good.

The weather was so clear and beautiful that we decided to head back up the Cape Arago Hwy later that evening to watch the sun set. Mom, dad and I decided to walk back down the trail just past Sunset Bay viewpoint to take some more pictures. I'm glad mom decided to go with us - we wanted to show it to her and I don't think she was disappointed. From Sunset Bay to Shore Acres is an easy 2 mile hike. We probably hiked a mile of that to the perfect viewing spot of the ocean and the horizon.

There are so many discoveries within Cape Arago, Shore Acres and Sunset Bay that I'm certain I'll be back again. Charleston, Coos Bay and North Bend have a lot to offer, with many hidden treasures - much more than I originally thought - I'm really glad we decided to spend the week here. It's a place I'd be happy to come back to. Of course, the near perfect weather added to our overall enjoyment.

This is Cape Arago Lighthouse. Stands 100 feet above ocean. The light atop 44 ft high tower was illuminated in 1934. Unfortunately, it's not open to the public but you can get some good pictures from the viewpoint at Sunset Bay.

This is Simpson Reef, home to numerous sea lions, seals, gray whales and herons.

View of Shore Acres Observation building. Shore Acres began as the private estate of Louis J. Simpson, pioneer lumberman and shipbuilder. He brought flowering plants, trees and shrubs from around the world abord his sailing ships. In 1942 Shore Acres was purchased by the state of Oregon for use as a public park. The formal gardens were restored and continue to attract thousands of visitors a year.

Darkness has fallen and the moon is full

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