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October 07, 2009

Flexibility, Part Two

October 6, 2009
Today the plan was to drive up the road to Beverly Beach State Park, just north of Newport, Or. I've stayed there before in the summer and I've enjoyed it. We pulled up to the registration building and because it's October and the "Discovery Season" the rates are a little lower and it's self check-in. Like Beachside, you can have any site that isn't already reserved. Because we were there on Tuesday, it wasn't going to be a problem finding an available site for the next two days but Thursday we were told to check back because many had made reservations for the weekends. I continue to be surprised at how full the campgrounds are in October, but on reflection, I guess I can see why. The weather has been exceptionally nice, the rates are lower than the prime season of summer, and the beaches are not crowded.

We drove all the way to the back of the campground - Loop G. The sites are all fairly shaded. There was water and electric hook up available but no sewer. Loop G is a long was from the ocean. We parked there for awhile, mulling over our options and whether we wanted to stay three more days in a shaded site that was a long walk to the beach. In the end we decided to move on and continue up the coast to Lincoln City to see what we could find in that area.

We ended up at an RV park that's very close to Chinook Winds Casino and has a beach view (sort of) and beach access is a short walk down the hill to the casino. The park is really just a parking lot, but the staff is very friendly, stores are all within walking distance, as well as the casino (except that I don't gamble), and best of all  IT'S IN THE SUN!! There is a very clean, well maintained laundry room so I was able to do my laundry. After 8 days at the beach, my clothes were dirty, salty and sandy! It felt good have clean clothes again! I also received a great deal by paying for two nights and getting the third one free just by walking down to the casino and getting a player's card. Nice! While there we received a coupon for $2.00 off breakfast, lunch or dinner on Tuesday or Friday. Since we were too late to take advantage of it on Tuesday we plan to walk down on Friday morning and have breakfast.

I'm parked on a concrete slab with full hook ups. I have a cute little picnic table outside my door. There is a large grassy area behind my motorhome to walk Cooper. I have motorhomes very close to either side of me, so there's not a lot of privacy. But it's in the sun!! You win some, you lose some!

Since we've done our share of beach walking this past week, I think I'll take Cooper into town today for a  change of pace. Yesterday I went to Bi-Mart, which is only a block away and bought Cooper a dog bed so that he had his OWN bed off the cold floor. I also bought a small inverter, which is useful when dry camping to turn DC into AC (so I can use the computer, TV, reading lamp, etc) and a small air compressor because once I return home it will be time to think about winterizing "Ellie" and I've been told that a great way to blow water out of the lines is with an air compressor.

Dad came over to the motorhome and showed me how to hook up to Cable TV, how to light my oven, where my hot and cold water valves were located on the motorhome. It's so nice to have him show me all these things pertaining to a new and different way of living. The more I learn, the more I like it.

So what I learned this week is that flexibility is one of the perks of being on the road and it's also the key to your success.

A quick update on towing my parent's car:  I didn't tow it after all because the cable that connects the lights and turn signals had a different connector to connect their motorhome than to my motorhome. I was both disappointed and relieved! Instead of towing I practiced hooking up the tow car to his motorhome. I think I've got it down pretty well and should be able to hook up my own car on the next trip!

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