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June 25, 2009

Drift Creek Falls

Yesterday, in honor of my birthday, Cooper and I went to Drift Creek Falls. The turnoff is about 8 miles east of Lincoln City, Or on Hwy 18, then south up a narrow winding road another 9 miles to the trail head parking lot. It's an easy 1-1/4 mile hike and the grand finale is an awesome suspension bridge. I've been told that it's the largest suspension bridge in Oregon or Washington. The walkway is 2-1/2 feet wide and looking down 100 feet to the creek and the 75 foot waterfall cascading down the cliff into the pool below is a spectacular sight to behold.

After crossing the bridge you can walk another 1/4 mile down to the river, which we did. We sat on some boulders overlooking the waterfall and shared a peanut butter sandwich. Cooper couldn't help but get his feet wet in the water. He slipped and fell once and you could see the fear on his puppy face, thinking he was going to drown! But he made it out, getting us both muddy in the process!

I'm really glad we made the trip. Afterward we drove into Lincoln City with the intent to walk on the beach but by then the weather had changed to cool and windy with a heavy mist in the air. We did walk down to the water's edge but then I wimped out and headed back to the warm car! We drove home after that.

It was a grand birthday!