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October 09, 2009


Yesterday we wanted to go to the famous Lincoln City bakery for a donut - or two! We had it all planned out - get to the bakery by 9am, order and eat our donuts, and then drive to the outlet mall to do a little shopping. We found the bakery, right on Hwy 101, cars parked in front. That's unusual for such a popular bakery. We found out why....they're closed on Thursdays. Thursdays? Who would've thought? Okay....there goes that plan - now what? I remember seeing a donut shop close to our RV park so we head back the way we came and sure enough there is one in the shopping center right next to the park. We buy our donuts (yes, more than one) and there is no room in the little shop to eat them....all the tables are taken. So we get back in the car and go across the street to the bottle return at Safeway for that little errand. It's still to early to go to the outlet mall and the day is very foggy and cool, so we decide to head back to the park and just be lazy for a few hours and maybe go back out in the afternoon.

I took Cooper for a short walk through a neighborhood and down to the beach. There seem to be a lot of homes for sale - I wonder if people are trying to sell vacation homes in this depressed economy. Good time to buy if you're looking for a home on the beach. Of course a ocean front home still goes for half a million!

In the afternoon we headed south to the outlet mall and of course I succumbed to departing of a few dollars....I was going to be good but there were some "great deals" to be had! I did buy a few birthday gifts as well though - to assuage my guilt!

Speaking of's dangerous for me to have a Bi-Mart so close to where I'm staying. I've walked there 3-4 times since I've been here and spent too much money - all on things I "need" for the motorhome lifestyle, of course!

This morning we're going to the casino to have breakfast and  redeem the $2 off coupons that we received for getting a player's card. After breakfast it's time to clean up and un-hook the motorhome and travel back to Portland and home. I have loved my three weeks traveling in Ellie and could easily see myself just heading somewhere new and exciting down the road. It's always fun to plan your next stop. Although I think if I were to keep going this time, I would head south to warmer climates! I have been really lucky with the weather on this trip, however - most days have been exceptionally clear and beautiful.

It's also been nice having mom and dad as company. We travel well together as we both enjoy each other's company but also respect our own private time and space. They've been so helpful to me as a new RVer and I know I can rely on them with anything and they're always there to lend a hand. I like being solo in my own motorhome but traveling with someone else is really special - you know they're just across the way and that's comforting. You know you're not alone.

I've come to the conclusion that when I travel to Alaska next year, and possibly beyond , that I must keep a tighter budget. It's easy when you're in a different town to want to see and do and eat all there is and oftentimes that takes money. Also there are so many great things I want to buy for Ellie that it's hard to put a reign on it. Since I don't have income coming in at the moment I must take that into consideration when I'm out on the town!

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing DG again, who has also been away on business for the past two weeks, and my other dogs, Kyra and Emmitt, and to the normal routines of the day when living in a "sticks and bricks" home. But I will always have that roaming spirit within me and will look forward to my next adventure on the open road.

Keep living the life you love!

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