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June 01, 2010

Azouzetta Lake


Today is Memorial Day! Do Canadian’s celebrate Memorial Day? I haven’t seen one Canadian flag all day. Just wondering.

Later sidenote:  I looked it up. Canadians celebrate Victoria Day. This year,  May 24, 2010, was Victoria  Day in Canada, the day that Canadians mark as the unofficial start of the summer season.
Celebrated similarly to our Memorial Day celebrations in the United States, Victoria Day is marked by cookouts, parades, fireworks and family gatherings. One of the most notable parades is held in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, which was named after Queen Victoria; after whom Victoria Day is quite obviously named.

So - there you have it!

This morning I took Cooper for a nice 2 mile run around the neighborhood, had a nice shower in the park washroom (best thing about the park), and then we left Prince George around 8am, arriving at our next destination, Azouzetta Lodge on Pine Pass, at 10:30am. It was only 122 miles but we thought the place looked appealing when we read about it in the Milepost. (Alaska Highway Bible) We wanted to check it out for a possible night’s stay. When we arrived I wasn’t sure they were open for the season yet – the Milepost said late May/early June, depending on snow. The sign in the door said “Be back in 5 minutes” so we hung around just to see if someone would show up. After a bit, this younger guy, who looked very French Canadian with his dark skin, bright blue eyes and accent asked if we needed anything. “Just wondering if you were open yet and if we could spend the night here.” Didn’t seem to be a problem to me, as I didn’t see one other RV in the place and I guess it wasn’t, he decided we could stay.... so….here we are – and 9 hours later, we’re still the only two RV’s here. Couldn’t get any better than that. Quiet solitude!

There aren’t any hookups on the lake, which isn’t a problem since we both have solar panels, inverters, generators, water. Could probably stay here for a week or more, EXCEPT for one small thing. When we checked in, Mr. French guy told us that our pets must stay within our campsite or in our RV. Okay….I guess we thought in the campsite meant on a leash within the campground. So we decided to take the dogs for a little walk. We got up to the office to take some pictures and the guy runs out holding his Rottweiler by the collar like he could barely contain him, yelling that we were supposed to keep our dogs in our campsite!! Okay, okay, I get it now. Posted on the front window is a sign stating there is a Bear Dog on the premises. I guess said Rottweiler is trained to attack the wolves and bears that come onto the property and may mistake little Lucy and Cooper for either. We hightailed it back to camp and locked our dogs in the motor home. Whew…just in the nick of time, I’m sure!

Now…he didn’t say anything about Bear Dog attacking humans so of course, being the avid photographers we are, we walked back up to the office to take pictures.

Other than that, this place is beautiful, especially since we have it all to ourselves. Nice lake, beautiful snow capped mountains. Wind. I tried sitting out in the sun for awhile but finally gave up and came inside. It would be nice and calm one minute and then like a freight train the wind would tunnel through the area and about blow you over. I had to anchor everything down! It was a nice idea but the wind finally won out and I opted to read and knit a hat for myself inside instead. I’m expecting more cold weather and forgot to bring my knitted cap with me but I have plenty of yarn so problem solved.

Tonight we ate dinner together. Mom had some beans and fried potatoes. I made cornbread in my oven. Turned out great. I brought over a nice bottle of Bookwalter Cabernet blend and we planned tomorrow’s leg. One great adventure after another. This could get addicting!

Til then – Live The Life You Love…….

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