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May 30, 2010

Prince George, BC

Today we drove to Prince George, approx 125 miles. We only stopped once at a nice rest area and walked the dogs along the river that parallelled it. If it was later in the day it would have been a nice place to picnic but we were a little early so we drove on.

We arrived in Prince George around 11:30 and stopped and got gas. It was about $1.07/litre. Cost me $131 plus the 3% I pay to put it on my credit card. Then we drove to the RV park that we'd picked out this morning. The book made it sound fabulous. We were thinking of spending a few nights to rest, get some chores done, etc. When we pulled up I think we all knew that one night would be tops. It's a small place, all gravel and there were two sites left. One pull through right next to the office and one elec/water hook up right next to the owner's house - and I mean right next to it. If I spit out my dinette window I can hit his front porch; in fact, my hookups are on the side of the porch. Essentially what he did was take his driveway and turn it into another site.  All this for $27! And that's with a Good Sam discount. My parents paid the same thing for a full hook up pull through site. (although it's not any better - at least I have a tree, flowers and wind chimes right outside my window!) Sometimes I think that when hosts/owners see we're traveling together they charge us the same rates - or they charge me more, as in the case of Fairmont Hot Springs, because they knew I had a dog or they just assume I'm traveling with a companion as in the case of the park ranger who charged me double to enter Banff National Park!

Maybe by the end of this trip I'll learn what to do and what not to do to get a better deal!! The idea of boon docking in the south holds more and more appeal!

I think we'll rest up for the afternoon and then head out tomorrow morning for Chetwynd. It's the chainsaw carving capital and they're having a carving competition on June 10th. We're a little early, darn it! In the meantime, I'll enjoy my afternoon here - maybe take Cooper for a nice long walk down Hwy 97!

That's the owner's house to the right. See my water hooked up to the porch?

That's my MH behind mom and dad's full h/u pull thru!

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