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June 20, 2010

Midnight Sun Run


To celebrate summer solstice in Fairbanks, Alaska I signed up for "the farthest north 10K run" that starts at 10pm. It's called the Midnight Sun Run and this was their 28th year.

Mom & Dad were nice enough to drop me off at The University of Alaska Patty Center, where the run begins. There were approx 3500+ participants all pumped up and ready to roll. The music was blaring, we were jazzercising and stretching out, preparing ourselves for the 6.2 mile run which finished at Pioneer Park. From there it was only a short walk back to where I'm camped.

Many of the participants dress up in costume for which they're awarded prizes. There is a race rule that if you start in costume you must finish in costume. I felt for the Alaska Grizzly mascot - I bet he was sweating after the first mile!

Here are a few more costumes:

Jazzercising to warm up those muscles:

There was contagious excitement in the air. Of course, the sun was still shining on a balmy 70 degree evening. After singing "The Star Spangled Banner" , we lined up in the street- fastest runners to slowest walkers- the gun went off, the loud boom & smoke of the cannon signaling it was starting time! As I wound my way through the local neighborhoods, I gazed in marvel at all the supporters who stayed up late to cheer us on. They had their grills going, music on the radio, sprinklers directed toward the street to cool us off. There were even kids shooting big bazooka water guns and throwing water balloons at the participants. Everyone was clapping and cheering, celebrating the long days of summer. It was like a huge continuing party winding through the streets of Fairbanks! In a land where winter brings minus 40 degree temperatures and the sun isn't up long before it sets again, it's no wonder this time of year brings out  the joy in so many.  

Even though it was cloudy, with smoke from a nearby fire in the air, you could still see the sun-
Getting ready to start -
The fire and smoke of the cannons. I'm glad I decided not to bring Cooper!
And we're off!
The run ended at Pioneer Park where volunteers handed out water, Power aid, watermelon and orange slices. I'm sure the celebration lasted well into the morning! Since I could barely move at the end of 6 miles, it was a good thing I had a short walk home to work out the kinks! It's a run I'll long remember, in a city full of warm & friendly people. What a lovely place to spend summer solstice!


  1. I loved the colors and all the excitement of the race. It's a good thing that you stretched out first; you looked so focused. Wish I was shuffling that 10K with you.

    Another metal for your board ~ Mo

  2. Thanks for the comment Mo...I'm a little crazy running 6 miles when I haven't run at all for 7 months but it was fun to be a part of all that solstice excitement! Sherri

  3. Hi,
    I love your blog. I'm very impressed.

  4. Thanks Vicki! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Monte at the end of the trip!