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June 05, 2010


Yesterday was house cleaning day - first the outside, which I spit-washed with a spray bottle and cloth, including the roof. Then the windows. Then the inside. The day was incredibly beautiful so I took advantage of it. I also did the laundry - 3 loads. How can one person and one (big) dog create so much laundry?

Cooper and I also took another nice long walk down the Dawson Creek Trail. It's easy walking (no hills) and relaxing. I worked out again at the senior gym park. Love that place - would fit that into my daily walking routine if I lived here for any length of time! Have to show a few pictures of me and mom working out the other day:

Today were off to the Farmer's Market. I hope they have some great stuff because that's one of the reasons we decided to stay through today. I know it's early in the season for a variety of fruits and vegetables. They also advertise home baked goodies!

I bought goodies - for me -date bars, and for Cooper-homemade peanut butter dog bones!

What a life, huh?


  1. LOVED these pictures! Sounds like you are having a great time!
    Fritzi & Mark :)

  2. Fritz, I was thinking of you when i posted those pics...i knew you'd like those!! You'd be right there with me, wouldn't you?