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June 15, 2010

The End of the Highway

If I were to have a bucket list then traveling the Alaska Highway would be on it and today I could say

We reached mile 1422 in Delta Junction today around lunch time so we celebrated with a little of the Buffalo sausage I bought. I also bought Cooper a huge smoked Buffalo (?) bone, which he enjoyed later!

We traveled on and reached Fairbanks around 3:30pm, which is late for us. We're usually parked in our site by noon but before we left Tok this morning dad had to put his car back together after he had the base plate reattached.

"almost" good as new!

I had a RV park all picked out in Fairbanks for it's great location. It was close to Pioneer Park, downtown, the University, shopping, etc. When we pulled into the park it looked deserted so we weren't sure if it was even open. The sign on the door said they were however, so we ventured in. We were thinking of staying put for a week since the weather is good and there seems to be a lot to do. This park advertises a discounted weekly rate, which is nice - a lot of campgrounds don't - only monthly discounts. We were also concerned about being able to receive Internet inside the motor home instead of having to walk to the office to connect. The electric and water hook ups were a little different as well. Multiple sites seem to share the same power pole.

We walked around, trying to find a site close together that might work for both of us but we just weren't getting a good feeling about the place so we unhooked the tow car and parked the motor homes outside the front gate and drove to another RV park - only this one was 9 miles from town via the expressway. It was nice but just more remote than I wanted to be for the week. We had one other park to check out which was a little closer to town but still not as close as the first park. They were packed. They had a few sites left but there was a problem with the water so no water hook up. The sites were also very close together.

Okay, by this time we were tired and hungry so we drove back to the original place (it was looking better by the minute) and decided to just stay for the night. Since being able to receive Internet service inside the motor home was a high priority for us, we drove around the campground until we could connect.

I haven't figured out what these black panels are for!

 Once we got everything hooked up, had a celebratory beer and dinner, then everything looked a lot rosier. Maybe I can stay here for a week after all, because.... I going to spend my time in this motor home or out exploring another great new town?

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  1. I love to check your blog for updates. What an experience. This trip is fascinating!