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June 10, 2010



Today we arrive in the Tlinglit village of Teslin. It's a very picturesque setting with a population of a little over 800 residents. I'm parked overlooking part of the lake. Since it's such a private setting I kept the privacy shade off my front window last night so I could view the lake. I woke at 1am and it was still light out. I really wanted to get out of bed, go outside and take a picture but I just couldn't rouse myself enough to do so! (and I didn't want to brave the mosquitoes!) By 3am it was starting to get lighter outside and by 6am the sun was full on the lake. Such a pretty setting.

All by ourselves overlooking the lake!

Cooper playing at the marina - yes, he played in the water too!

View from the front window of my MH

Today we are searching out the best cinnamon rolls! Yesterday we stopped about 85 miles north of Watson Lake at The Continental Divide Lodge and had breakfast. We bought their last two rolls. I guess their baker moved back to Whitehorse so they were in the process of hiring another. They had about a dozen wrapped rolls behind the counter but she said someone new made those and they weren't very good! Today I am waiting for the restaurant here at the RV park to open so I can try out their cinnamon rolls (they also have Rhubarb pie!) and then once we hit the road we're stopping 10 miles north at Johnson's Crossing to try their claimed "World Famous" cinnamon rolls.

Didn't know I came all this way just to try out cinnamon rolls, did ya?

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