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September 23, 2009

Camping at the Fairgrounds

September 23, 2009
On Monday, September 21st, I hit the road for my first RV trip of any length. I plan on being gone for three weeks and my first days distance was 400 miles from Portland, OR to Eureka, CA. It was a long day but I wanted to arrive here before dark so I could set up camp. I'm staying at the fairgrounds in Eureka; it's only 2 miles from where my daughter lives and close proximity to town so I can walk anywhere.

Yesterday afternoon her roommate had a company picnic at a park in Arcata and we were able to join in. She works at a local restaurant called "The Looking Glass" and the head chef did some barbequeing at the park. We had chicken, sausages, BBQ pork, barley, spinach, potato and broccoli salads which were very good and to wash it down, a keg of beer. This place knows how to throw a great party.

I took Cooper with me and he met a 4 year old little boy and a 4 month old Akita pup, both of whom he played with for a long time. I think all of them were worn out by the end of the day. Cooper slept very well last night.

I'm staying at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds RV Park in Eureka and for the most part it's just a strip of hookups that looks more like a parking lot. One nice amenity is that you can back up to the redwood trees which affords shade and privacy. They have a seperate bathroom and two showers which are old and without much appeal but there isn't a fee to use the shower and the bathrooms are locked and only accessable by code. This weekend they have a few functions at the fairgrounds. Friday night is soap box derby and Saturday night is Roller Derby. I'd like to see the Roller Derby if we have time!

Today we plan on hiking Skunk Cabbage Trail in Orick, CA. There are so many hiking trails in Redwood National Park that the hardest thing is deciding which one to go on. It's only supposed to reach mid 70's today so it should be perfect hiking weather.

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