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September 24, 2009

Skunk Cabbage Trail

September 23, 2009
Today Mindi, Dena and I took a hike on the Skunk Cabbage portion of the Coastal Trail in the Redwood National Forest. We didn't start out until 1:30pm when the fog was finally beginning to lift and therefore we didn't make it the 5 miles to the ocean. The hike was lush and pretty and the weather was perfect for hiking - a cool breeze, the sun peaking out among the trees. We ended up turning around about 1-1/2 hours into the trip and it wasn't until we go back to the trailhead that we looked at the map and saw that we were almost to the overlook, which has a wonderful view of the ocean. The trail then continues along the bluff where the trees are replaced by grass and wildflowers. I was so dissappointed that we didn't make it that far. I guess it's a good reason to hike this trail again in the future only this time starting earlier in the day and bringing more water for us and the dogs. I think a good idea, if you don't want to make the 10 mile round trip, would be to park a car at the trailhead and another at the beach.

After leaving the trail we were all hungry and so we stopped in Orick at the Hawg Wild bar, which is a local Harley hangout. I've been there before so I knew what a great bar it was with a vast array of ecclectic odds and ends decorating the place....the bathroom alone is worth the visit by the artwork on the walls. We each had a IPA and a buffalo burger with fries. The trek through the woods made us all hungry and we ate every bite! The bartender was selling little plastic Harley Ducks to benefit "Relay for Life" so Dena bought us all one! Mine has a red bandana around his head and a black leather jacket!

Another great day in Northern California!

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