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February 16, 2009

The pursuit of a motorhome

I'm learning the process of buying a motorhome. For me, it's a learning process to be sure as I don't seem to make decisions lightly or quickly!
I don't have a lot of money to spare on a nice motorhome, even though I'd like a brand new fancy one with lots of storage and all the bells and whistles! I've been looking at the class B+ (that seems to be the new lingo for a smaller, more aerodynamic class C) and most of them are expensive. The one I like the most costs more than $100K and it's only 23 feet of living space! Lately I've been looking at the more reasonable BT Cruisers and so far it's only been online - I've yet to see one in person. But what I've seen online looks impressive and the price tag is right. I found one on eBay and I've been emailing the dealer back and forth. I probably won't buy this one, as I'm leery of buying sight unseen but the process of asking questions has been a real learning experience. And thanks to my dad for leading me into asking the "right" questions! I always look forward to what the dealer has to say in reply to my emails!
I've been making charts and comparing specs - it's all time consuming and confusing and if I just had loads of money and oozed confidence I wouldn't care so much.
Jamie Hall, one full-timer I admire, once said that no decision is a wrong decision because you can just make a different one down the road if you need to. Whatever decision you make is going to be the right one at the time - later on, you can make a different decision if you need to and that will be right as well.
But think of what you'll learn and experience in the process! That's the best decision of all - just move - take those steps necessary in pursuing your dream and the rest will follow......
"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step"

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