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February 08, 2009


One of the reasons I like to move is that it gives me the chance to clean house - to get rid of what I no longer need or use. In the last seven years I've moved a few times and I've downsized considerably in the process. Yesterday, while boxing up items for charity, itemizing it all, I felt like I was purging myself of a former life - slowly but thoroughly getting rid of it all. One box led to another and soon I wasn't satisfied with just the garage - I had moved into the house to purge there too. Box after box of the old me went to charity.

That's a lot like life...purging oneself of the old, the neglected. Transitioning to the new, moving on. I've noticed how it evolves in stages - there were things I was ready to give away this time that I haven't been in the past. There were also items I carefully boxed up to keep, not yet ready to get rid of, even though I haven't used them in years. Carefully, I'd wrap them in tissue, pack them into plastic crates, labeling them so I'd remember, and take them to my storage shed. Where they'll sit, hidden away, until I'm ready to take the next step. Paralleling my life....memories, stored carefully, until I'm ready to take them out, deal with them, and move on.

I hope that whoever buys my "stuff" will use it and love it as I once did. Then it will have served it's purpose.

"The heart that gives, gathers."
Marianne Moore

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