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February 10, 2009


Five days a week I get up at 4am and go jogging with my dogs. It's really hard to drag myself out of bed that early, get dressed, and hit the streets. My dogs never have a problem with it however. They are always excited and ready to go, no matter what time it is. The puppy, Cooper, had a hard time initially. After all, it was winter, dark and cold, and he was a puppy - who wouldn't have a problem with it? We tried. I'd jog about 10 feet and he'd put the breaks on, balking at this new routine. Therefore, it became easy for me to stay home, have a few cups of coffee, log onto the Internet. It was quickly formed habit and one that was hard to break once I was in it. I liked those early mornings at home, where it was warm and quiet. Cooper was sleepy and well-behaved for a change! The problem with it was that no one got any exercise that way. I became more lazy, Cooper harnessed more pent up energy. So a few weeks ago, we hit the streets once again. It must have been a New Year's Resolution that drove me to it! Nah, if the truth were told, it was really just my side-kick guilt that's to blame!

Cooper's older now and he's a great jogging dog - will jog right beside me - doesn't even break a sweat! The older lab, who's 10 now, stays home until the last mile. We jog back by the house, after having gone about 2 miles and get the older dog and then she goes with us for the last mile. Hey, it's hard when you have arthritis - after all, she's 70 in human years - I hope I'm not still jogging at 4am when I'm 70!

I like being out when everyone else is asleep. It's quiet. There aren't any cars on the road yet. Usually the only person I see is the girl that delivers the morning papers. As I jog along, with my dog by my side, I'm feeling blessed that I have my health, my two good feet, a safe, well lit neighborhood. Soon, I'm home again and the routine of the normal work week kick into gear - no time for thought or reflection - no time for quiet peacefulness - at least until the alarm goes off at 4am the next day. Then it's starts again.......

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