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December 09, 2010

Tucson to the Outer Banks

This here’s Cooper, the new Co-pilot. The first co-pilot had to fly home and go back to work and now I am top dog of this operation. It is my job to make sure my mom walks me and feeds me and doesn’t forget to have some serious fun now and then! Everyone thinks I look stellar behind the wheel of this rig!

We have some serious catching up to do – traveling across country without a journal entry is beyond reprehensible – it’s downright negligent. Okay, enough badmouthing my mom-after all, it’s she who holds the spoon that feeds me!!

On November 1 we left Tucson and traveled to Las Cruises, NM where we spent the night before traveling to Fort Stockton, where we spent the night before traveling to San Antonio, TX where we spent two nights. The plan was to go downtown to the famous River walk but we never made it – something about having seen it before and needing to save money – but whatever – I had fun walking around the campground instead. Let’s see….after San Antonio it was off to Beaumont, Tx to spend the night before arriving in New Orleans, LA. For two nights.

Mom was soooooo excited because she LOVES New Orleans. Since she left me home I can’t really comment on it but she seemed pretty satisfied when she got back, although she said she didn’t eat near enough Cajun food – just a shrimp po’ boy, which was mediocre at best – found on the infamous Bourbon Street at the Déjà Vu Cajun Restaurant. The New Orleans Saints were playing football and the game was on TV and of course everyone who loves New Orleans loves the Saints so there was a lot of cheering going on – the Saints won big time so no wonder!

Of course for dessert a Pina Colada Daiquiri, found on almost every street corner and the nice thing is you can carry it around with you – everyone does that sort of thing in New Orleans! The General Store on Decatur was closed on Sundays so no Muffuletta sandwich this time. She finally found some Boudin to take back with her for later and of course a few (only a few) pralines. One can get carried away with the pralines, you know.

After New Orleans it’s off to the Gulf – Gulf Shores, AL at Gulf State Park. What a pretty park although it’s on a lake instead of the Gulf. The actual Gulf of Mexico is across the way (as the crow flies) but since I don’t fly, it was a 2-3 mile walk and then across the Beach Hwy and then we see this sign that says “NO DOGS ON THE BEACH”! Well, mom certainly doesn’t go where I can’t go so no playing in the gulf and for that matter, no playing in the lake either since there were signs all over the place warning us to beware of alligators in the water….like I’m going to go in there after seeing ‘that’? I may like the water, but even I have my limits!

The Beach Pavillion.

Beautiful white sand beach

The lake in front of the MH at sunrise, 5:30am

 Leftover destruction after Hurricane Iven.

After we left Gulf Shores it’s kinda a blur…..over 1200 miles in three days…..let’s see…..overnight at Wal-Mart in Kingsland, GA. We were going to stay in Jacksonville, FL but mom missed the turnoff. Now we’re heading north on I-95 instead of East on I-10. After Kingsland, it’s another 400 mile day to Dunn, NC, which is north of Fayetteville – another night at the Wal Mart! The next day was an easy 280 miles or so to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Mom finally had to exchange shorts for long pants, as I think we’ve finally hit autumn weather. The trees were beautiful to look at along the route.

Okay….today is a beautiful day and it’s about time mom took me for that long walk she promised me yesterday so I’m whining at the moment just to let her know I mean business. She’s just gonna have to write more about the outer banks later – ya know? Some things just take priority over email and that’s ME! 

I’m just having a woofin’ good time on the road – it’s a dog’s life, after all!!

Love Cooper
and Sherri

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