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December 28, 2010


We left Ozark on Monday, traveled roughly 350 miles or so and spent the night in Denison, Tx at the Walmart. It was the first time I actually spent the night at a Walmart without ever stepping foot in the door. I noticed a sign the following morning while walking Cooper that said trucks were not allowed to park overnight in the parking lot. I looked around and about 5 trucks were parked around us so I guess they don't enforse the rule, which is great, because "no trucks" probably means "no motorhome" as well.

We left this morning around 8am and headed south toward Dallas. We only had a little over 60 miles to go to our destination of Lavon Lake in Wylie Texas so it was an easy day, except I got separated from mom and dad at a stoplight in Allen, Tx and had no idea where I was going. Luckily I had my GPS, which has gotten me out of a few sticky situations. I finally realized I wasn't going to catch mom and dad, they must have turned somewhere that I was unaware of, and I didn't know where I was or where I was going. I was able to punch in the town of Wylie on the GPS and then, once I got there, the name of the RV park, and it took me right there! (sometimes that works out great - other times not so much trust or not to trust your GPS - that is the question) I always seem surprised when it actually gets me where I need to be!

It was pouring down rain when I got to the park and I still had to dump my holding tanks, fill with fresh water, unhook the car and hook up the motor home. I was soaked in the end- good time to take a nice warm shower! Felt great - I'm thankful for the small pleasures of life!

A little later we drove to a neighboring town of Rockwall to see some friends of my parents. They were so nice and friendly. One of them was in the process of moving out of her long time home into an active adult community and the other friends, who were from a different part of Texas, were helping her prepare for a large estate / garage sale this weekend. With all they had going on, and as tired as they must have been, they were still so hospitable, which is so the Texas way!

On the way back to the RV park we spied a Costco! You'd shake your head at how excited we were to go into a Costco - $100 later for me - $200 later for dad -aahh, yeh....that's Costco for you! Dad was so impressed with my little Garmin Nuvi's talent for finding ways out of sticky situations and even talking to you through it (annoyingly at times, ie: re-calculating, re-calculating...) that he came out of Costco with his very own Nuvi!

Now... let's see if it can get us to Padre Island tomorrow!!

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