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December 09, 2010

I'm Here Ya All

...... in the Ozarks – and I haven’t posted anything since the Outer Banks in early November!

I can say I’ve been lazy, which is true.

 I can say I haven’t really done anything exciting, which is also true. 

Both are excuses however, and something I’m trying to rid myself of, so whether I have anything important to say – or not – at least you’ll know I’m here  - and well – and not doing anything exciting!

 This is Wildlife Woods RV park, where we stayed in Troutman, NC
Okay – to update you a little bit. We drove from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Davidson (just north of Charlotte). Davidson is where my brother and his family live.
 The view of Lake Norman from brother's condo....nice!
One day we walked from their condo on Lake Norman to the farmer’s market downtown. What a quaint & lovely college town they live in. We had breakfast at this great little café and then walked around the market.

All I bought was a bone for Cooper but they had a lot of great produce (lots of greens) and meat, fish, chicken (even livers). And it was the end of the season. I think I would be down there every Saturday during the summer growing season, cloth grocery bags in hand, filled with organic produce! Davidson even had a great Natural Food Market, where I bought some bulk oat bran to make muffins and some almond milk. Natural Food Markets and all things organic are sometimes hard to find in this part of the country. I am very spoiled living in Oregon, where "Organic" and "Natural" are common terminology!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my niece’s house – and I mean ORGANIC made-from-scratch awesome tasting food– and she’s only 23! 

I was far from that at 23! Impressive – so impressive. 

 Unfortunately, or maybe it was fortunate in some twisted way – I wasn’t able to eat all that much because I was still trying to kick a flu bug. I think it was the first Thanksgiving ever that I ended up hungry at bedtime!! It’s not that the food didn’t taste good because it was terrific – it was the 'intestinal protest' after eating that was the kicker! Enough said!

After leaving North Carolina we traveled east through Tennessee, into Kentucky and then reached Missouri. We ended up just south of Springfield in the town of Ozark, where my youngest brother and family live. We’re at a small RV park (which is really just another parking lot) but with full hook-ups and Cable TV!! Now that was a bonus! Not that I watch a lot of TV but to have it, even for abstract company is pretty nice!

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this particular spot but turns out I really do! My main requirement is being able to get out and walk. While I do spend too much time inside the motor home (more about that in a minute) I really do like to take a long walk/jog in the morning with Cooper. The last places I’ve been in haven’t been great places for walking, unless you just circle the RV park again – and again – and again. While I’ve been here I’ve been able to take various long walks around town.

Today for example, I decided to walk down this country road to see where it ended up. About 2.5 miles into it I entered a housing development in the hope that I could cut through to another development in the general direction I knew I wanted to go. No luck. I finally exited the neighborhood to the main street again – looking left and wondering if I just went that way instead of heading right to back-track the way I’d already traveled – would it circle back to where I wanted to be – or would I be 7-8 miles into it and then have to turn around after all?

This is when a GPS comes in handy - which i didn't have with me.

No guts….I went back the way I’d come – and partly because I’d received a call from mom wanting to know if I wanted to drive into the town of Branson with them. Since I hadn’t been to Branson for 8 years, and there was new stuff to see, of course I wanted to go! Unfortunately they had to wait on me to get back but they were patient and understanding!

It was a good thing I walked so far because dad treated us to lunch at Panera Bread. 

Yummy deliciousness! Turkey and artichoke Pannini Sandwich and French Onion soup (for me). I'm proud to say I ate every bit of it and even had dessert - only later - with a cup of hot tea.

When I got back to the motor home I had to do motor home chores in preparation for the upcoming 22 degree high temperature (with 50mph wind) fore-casted for Sunday.

The weatherman said it will seem like “the siding is just ripping off your house” – and that’s supposed to make me feel better living in a tin box? Should be quite the ride....!!!!

The reason I spend an inordinate amount of time inside the motor home? A space heater.....a nice - warm - space heater!! A good book and my knitting don't hurt either!

The adventure continues –

Stay tuned! I'll try to be a better poster!!

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