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December 28, 2010

Ozark Outings With Cooper

While staying at Ozark RV Park I developed the routine of taking a daily jog or walk with Cooper. We found a nice walking path and trail where I could let Cooper off leash so he had the luxury of running to his heart's content and I could also walk or jog in a more relaxed manner while listening to my I-Pod!

We caught the trail about 1/2 mile from the RV Park. The first part of it is a nice dirt trail that winds it's way through the trees. It follows the Finley River and I hardly ever see anyone there, which is nice. Summer may be a different story but every day that I was there it was cold or windy - no wonder I chose to jog most of the time - it was the only way to get warm!

The second part of the trail is a concrete path that also winds it's way along the river. It's called the Finley River Greenway Project, completed in 2007, paid for by Ozark Tax Dollars!! Too bad they didn't have enough in the pot to complete it all the way to the park - that would be nice. I hear the Ozark Park had a nice Christmas light show but we never made the trip to see it.

I did take a couple of different walks around town but in most I had to walk along a road without shoulders and with hills and it was difficult dodging cars that may or may not be able to see you. So in the end I preferred to walk a trail without cars and where Cooper could run to his heart's content.

Okay, I know you see sunshine but it's cold I tell you!!

A Limestone cave - there is a LOT of limestone here

A little patch of blue sky!

All good things come to an end!

....but you get to enjoy the local artwork!

Cooper playing in the leaves

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