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December 09, 2010


We’ve been on the Outer Banks (OBX) in Rodanthe for 4 nights. Tonight is our last night before we head west toward brother Jim’s house in Davidson, NC, about 350 miles or so.

The weather, until last night, has been near perfect– sunny skies, warm ocean breeze. Last night however, a storm blew in off the Atlantic - it may not be as dramatic when you’re in a big house but inside a 24’ motor home at midnight it becomes a bit magnified. At least that’s ‘my’ perspective on it! I was envisioning puddles of water all over the floor this morning or my motor home washed into the bay in front of me, but it came away unscathed, except for a small leak around the shower skylight.

I can deal with that…. really!

It’s still rather windy this morning – perfect for Para-sailing, which I’m watching from my front window. I really should go out and take a picture – hang on, I’ll be right back……
 The other day we drove to the end of Hatteras Island, about 25-30 miles from where we’re camping in Rodanthe, to take the free 40 minute ride by ferry to Ocracoke Island. In the 1700’s it was host to a famous pirate – Blackbeard, who was killed in a naval battle with the British on November 22, 1718.
We had a great lunch at Howard’s Pub and Raw Bar– oysters & scallops for me and mom, which were cooked perfectly, by-the-way and a Colorado Burger (with chili & the works) for dad. We ate all of it, including a pitcher of North Carolina Amber beer! Even though I didn’t get my soft shell crabs (May is the season for them) I did end up eating some good seafood here.

I love the houses on the OBX, most of which are huge and, at this time of the year, for rent. Rather than organized neighborhoods, these houses are just scattered haphazardly on the land and if not covered with traditional (and weathered) clapboard siding, they are painted bright colors, like pink, yellow, orange, lime green. At this time of the year, most things around here close down for the winter. It would be fun to see it during the ‘on’ season. I get the feeling most houses are summer vacation homes which the owners try to rent out for the winter to those who prefer more solitude. Just to give you some idea:
 This particular house is the one that's featured in the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" with Richard Gere and Dianne Lane.

We seen some spectacular sunsets while we’ve been here. Each night puts on a different show for us. Wow…more Para-gliders outside – be right back…..
 Couldn’t resist…..every time I come in, some glider sails right by me and does something spectacular and I want to run back out there again with my camera!

   What a better way to end this than with a sunset!


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