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May 24, 2010

Family, Repairs & Relief

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I met my parents in Washington at my brother & sister-in-law's house where we'll park for the next three nights. They have a great place to relax and Cooper loves the grassy park and walking trails behind their house. Even the weather has cooperated and it's been pleasant during the day, cool at night.

I picked the motorhome up from the shop in Oregon of Friday night and I finally have my new wing caps! The only thing left are a few decals and I'll do that when I return in September. Here are the before and after pictures:

This is the before picture. Notice the yellowed caps on the back left, right and center. They ship in three separate pieces from the factory in Indiana and they were on back order since January. When the last piece finally came in they were all installed at the original factory, and then the motorhome went to another location for painting, then back for trim and caulking. After curing for about 12 hours I was able to come and pick it up.

This is the after picture! All I have left are the decals along the bottom and top but I must say it's an improvement and makes the motorhome look a little newer and cleaner!!

The night that I arrived here I had another situation come up with the motorhome. The refrigerator stopped working. I also have a solar panel on the roof and a control panel inside that reads the DC voltage and it wasn't registering any longer. The two situations seemed to be tied together somehow but since I don't know anything about it I was in panic mode - again. I got the name of a RV repair technician that will make house calls and I called him on the weekend but of course they were closed so I left a brief message describing what little I knew of my current problem. He was nice enough to call me first thing this morning. When I explained in a little more detail, he said that he's seen this kind of problem before. When they install an after-factory solar panel they often connect it through the refrigerator instead of separately. He said that more than likely it was a fuse that was bad and once I replaced the fuse the refrigerator and solar control panel should work. Of course my dad was kind enough, once again, to help me out and he pulled fuse after fuse and tested them and all were good except for the last fuse tested, which was bad. He happened to have a fuse on him and when he plugged it in the refrigerator and control panel worked perfectly! I was jumping up and down like some happy deranged lunatic. All night long I was envisioning more money being spent on motorhome repairs and so a simple fuse was a much welcome relief.

After that I went to the local Walmart and picked up a package of different fuses so that I would have them on hand in case my dad wasn't around to bail me out! I really do hope that after this trip I won't agonize over ever little thing that goes wrong with the motorhome. I know things are bound to go wrong but at this "newbie" stage I'm in, every little thing becomes major (in my mind anyway). Once I learn more about my particular motorhome and motorhomes in general, I'll be more at ease, knowing that whatever comes along I be able to handle it!

 Here is a picture of where I'm currently parked at my brother's house. Tomorrow we head north to Spokane.

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