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May 19, 2010

Almost time

I leave for my Alaska trip on Saturday. That's two days. In the meantime, Ellie is back in the shop getting new wing caps installed and painted. They've been on backorder since March and the final piece arrived yesterday via Fed Ex. This project should be done by Friday afternoon. Should be. Since Ellie's been in and out of the shop since January I don't hold out a lot of hope that it will be finished on time.

I am packed and ready to roll....mostly. There are a few last minute items to cram in. I keep adding more things that I think I might need along the way, which leads me to think I may have overpacked and therefore, overloaded my motorhome AND it seems that all the heavier items are on the right side. Fresh water tank, canned food items, stocked refrigerator, 20# of dog food, my small grill. How do I rearrange things so that I'm more balanced? Especially when I don't even have access to the motorhome? Hum....just something for me to stew about I suppose!

I'm going to drive to Richland and spend a few days with family and friends before heading north to Spokane to see another family member on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll cross the border into Canada on Wednesday, May 26th - a week from today. It's hard to believe that this day is almost here - after planning it for a year!

I've tried to do what I can to make sure the motorhome is safe and secure for this journey. I still worry, but will just take what comes and deal with it at that time. Never does anyone any good to worry over things that may never transpire.

I found a website the other day - I downloaded about 18 books to my i-touch so that essentially I can listen to a book and knit at the same time! In the past I could either read or knit, but this way I can accomplish both. I don't prefer audible fiction so I downloaded comedy, inspiration, motavation, self developemnt....that kind of thing. Recently I've been listening to a Cesar Milan book titled, "How to Raise the Perfect Dog." I feel like I'm about 18 months too late in reading this, as 18 month old Cooper has some "issues" that need to be dealth with. Maybe after listening to this book I'll  become THE ultimate pack leader!

Tomorrow Cooper goes to the vet so that he can be checked out and deemed healthy enough to travel into Canada. I need to have a signed certificate stating this fact, along with a rabies certificate and it has to be within 30 days of crossing the border, which is why I'm waiting until the last minute!

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