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May 21, 2010

Last minute things

I'm in waiting mode. Ready to go without a home to go in. It's still in the shop. The painting is done and now the seams need to be sealed. I'll still be without decals but at least it's new and painted and the decals can be added when I get back. She'll be in need of a fresh wax job by that time as well.

The longer I wait the more little things I think I might need on my trip. Just in case......yadayadayada......I'm sure there will be many things I can do without and some I didn't pack that I could use. Making do with what you have or doing without. It will be fun and challenging to actually see if I can see and experience Alaska on a tight budget! I think I'd be better at that in sunny, warm climate where I can stay in one place longer & boondock, depending more on solar energy. Well...that will be the next trip! I'm not going to travel all that distance to Alaska with unrealistic expectations - I just want to be careful about spending money on "unnecessary" items. I don't think I'd be so freaked out about money if the stock market were going up rather than down. It's hard to stay upbeat and motivated when you're being depleted of future traveling funds! But am I going to let it stop me? No way!

I'm still downloading music to my laptop. Can't live without my music! I bought external speakers a few months ago and I have my beloved i-touch so even though I won't have TV (except for movies) I will have my music! I sure hope the weather is going to be nice. I don't expect it. After all, we're talking Alaska here. Doesn't it rain even more than the PNW? And I'm sick and tired of this cold, wet weather we've been having lately. See? I'm already whining and I haven't even started yet! My new mantra is going to be: Live in the Moment.....Live in the Moment.......

I'm starting. Now.

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