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July 12, 2010

Scenes from The Denali Highway

Today we drove the Denali Highway that connects Cantwell and Paxson. It’s 130 miles on mostly gravel road so it was slow. We were going to stop for the night and camp in Paxson but decided to go on to Tok, another 175 miles on the Glenn Highway. Tok is on the Alaska Highway and it was one of our stops on the way to Fairbanks. This time we decided to stay at a different campground and I really like it. It was a long day but pretty – and here are the pictures to prove it!
This is where we camped on the side of the road last night. It was foggy in the morning but cleared by 8am
This is mom and dad's motor home ahead of me.

This a a decorated Christmas tree I saw on the side of the road.

You can barely make our Mt McKinley

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