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July 14, 2010

Back in Burwash Landing

I left Tok, AK this morning around 6:30am, crossed the border and now I'm back in the Yukon. I'm staying at a "free" spot in Burwash Landing, where I stayed on the way north. Seems rather anti-climatic this time around. Just a place to stop on the way back home - not the same excitement as traveling north to Alaska.

It rained all day today and the roads were just as bad as the last time I passed through, although this time I knew what to expect and so took my time. I still hit one heave hard enough to empty the shelves in my bathroom! Can't imagine what would have happened if I'd been going fast!! I left Tok about 2 hours before mom and dad, as they had a few housekeeping chores to take care of first.

I'm currently sitting in the lobby so I can use their wi-fi Internet. Since I got here, the house cat has taken up residence on my laptop cover. She seems very content to sleep there and I hate to disturb her to pack up my computer! I can see as I look out the window over the parking lot that mom and dad have arrived - about 2 hours after I did. Hopefully they didn't have any problems this time around!

Tomorrow I head back to Whitehorse where I hope I can see and do a few things I missed the first time around. I'd like to see Miles Canyon. I've heard a lot about it- the "grand" canyon of the Yukon. They have a suspension bridge crossing high above the Yukon River that I'd like to experience. I hope the weather will clear up. I've found that this country is indeed a land of extremes - even in the summer. One day it's sunny and 70's (which is hot here) and the next day it cold and raining. One thing that's constant in the summer though is the road construction. You just learn to deal with it and take your time.

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