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January 28, 2011

Del Rio, Texas

Where to start? I have a lot of catching up to do since I last posted. I must say that the weather finally warmed up some on Padre Island and I was able to enjoy a few really nice days of sun and sorta warm weather! Cooper and I walked and walked and walked! I found that each day presented something different, especially at the beach. It all depended on weather conditions and the tide. One day I found so many shells along the beach, a lot of them were fairly large ones. I filled my pockets with them. Then I ran out of pockets and had to hand carry them. I don't quite know 'why'....whatever will I do with all those shells? But they were just laying there, when they usually aren't, so I picked them up like I was finding great treasure! The next day there was nothing. The tide water had completely washed the beach clean!

I miss Padre Island in that it forced me to just 'be'. To live quite simply and to learn to enjoy it. To live with less, to be able to enjoy what the day has to offer and not be bogged down with computer, TV, phone, which I can allow to take up much more of my time than it should. I think maybe the soft lapping of the water against the shoreline has something to do with the tranquility aspect. It's meditative and soothing to your soul.

But, alas - everything must come to an end and so we left for Del Rio, Texas on Monday the 25th. We're staying at an RV Park about 8 miles west of Del Rio across the highway from Lake Amastad, which is Spanish for friendship.  Mom and dad have stayed here in the past and liked it so wanted to return - and I can see why! These folks have got to be the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met - seriously! You can't walk 10 feet outside  your door before someone says hi to you or asks you to join in on some upcoming function or to tell you about all the great happenings around town!

The park is a family owned business that was started about 48 years ago and is now run by the grand kids, who have followed the super helpful, friendly attitude instilled by their grandparents. There is a rec hall where they have line dancing, exercise classes, pot luck dinners, bingo, Bible Study, Women's coffees. They have a big screen TV (upcoming Superbowl party), exercise equipment, a commercial kitchen. Outside is a 'park' with play equipment, a fire pit, grills...

There are trees and birds and owls. (and ticks) Full hook-ups, cable TV, free WI-Fi. All this for $230/mo plus the cost of your electric. No wonder there are so many "Winter Texans" (what Texans call snowbirds).

So far I've participated in a hot dog roast by the campfire, exercise class, Bingo (I won twice and came away with five bucks), and a Mexican Pot luck dinner (I've never seen so many Mexican dishes!)....and I've only been here four days! Cooper and I have taken some nice walks but not like the ones at Padre Island. Win some, lose some....

We've signed up for some upcoming tours. The tour to Laughlin AFB was full so we're on the wait list for that one. We were disappointed so I hope a few people cancel or they decide to add another tour. We signed up for the tour of the prison - they even feed you prison food! We signed up for the Border Crossing & US Customs Tour, where I guess they tell you what their job duties are. There is a winery and a museum we want to go to. Lots to do - I have gone from one extreme to the other!!

In the front office they have shelves full of books. I exchanged the books I read on Padre Island for some new ones. I picked up a copy of Steven King's "The Stand", the complete and uncut edition with over 1100 pages. I figured what better time is there to read a book of that magnitude? Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the time I did a week ago - but I'm sure I'll plow through it non-the-less!

The weather here so far has been near perfect. Cool nights that dip into the low 40's - daytime temps that are sunny and mid to high 60's. Great for walking or washing the motor home or grilling or just reading in your lawn chair!

Aaahhhh...what a life!

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