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January 12, 2011

Cold Front on PINS

What a difference a day makes - especially when you're dry camping! A cold front blew in from the north on Monday night and Tuesday hovered around 40 degrees outside and inside! Since I'm at the end of my allowed 14 day stay at PINS (Padre Island National Seashore) before I have to move out of the park for two days, I'm low on gas to run the generator and propane to run the stove/water heater/furnace. The holding tanks are full however! 

I stayed inside yesterday and bundled up until 4pm, when I couldn't stand it any longer and cranked on the generator. It was touch and go for awhile as she doesn't like the cold weather any more than I do but I finally got it going and left it running until 8pm. Then I went to bed to get warm. Up until 4pm, Cooper and I took a few 3 mile walks just to warm up. After the first mile I started to thaw out a bit and then by mile 2 it wasn't too bad! The hardest part is just opening the motor home door against the north wind!

Today, rather than spend another cold day bundled up inside the motor home, I opted to spend it at the laundromat again. I brought the computer and all my little devices to plug in and charge up while I'm here and I can easily spend 5-6 hours in air warmed by many large dryers! So far I haven't been kicked out from loitering! A fellow customer even saw Cooper sitting in the driver's seat of the car and brought me a Milk bone to give him. Someone else asked me if that was my morning snack!

Tomorrow we have to leave the park for a few days so I've made a 10:30 appt to meet mom and dad at the dump station where they're camped and we'll made a decision on weather to camp out close by and hit round two at PINS or rather to call it a day and head toward warmer climate.

Anyone know where that might be? Seems we're not alone with our cold front - much of the U.S. seems to be in far worse shape than here and for that I count my blessings that I am where I am!! But I must say, Arizona has been calling to me of late and I'm trying not to be impatient and just hitting the road with the thought that I might be able to make it there by tomorrow!

PINS really has been a nice place to stay and my days have fallen into a simple kind of rhythm. Without easy access to electronic devices I've had to come up with other ways to pass the time. When I have electricity it's way too easy to spend most of my day hooked up to the computer, the cell phone or the TV and then wonder why I don't get anything productive done or even have the time to do the relaxing things I enjoy, such as reading or knitting (or gardening when I'm at home) It's nice to step away from all that now and then and I hope to incorporate "no electronic device days" into my life once I return home!

I leave you with a few scenes from the past week:
Our afternoon walk on the Gulf

Cooper at play!

Gulls outside my MH window

My fresh caught Black Drum Fish dinner

Sunset fishing at Laguna Madre


Knitting when it's cold in the MH!

Cooper's way of passing time on a cold day!

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