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April 27, 2010

More New Things

Ever watch that movie where Robin Williams takes his family on an RV trip? Well, I'm beginning to identify!

 For instance, I didn't know until today that you are supposed to leave the black tank valve closed while the motorhome is in use (ie: you're camping at the campground). I just thought that if you were hooked up to sewer you could leave your black and grey tank valves open and just "let er flow". doesn't quite work like that!

I quickly adjusted my valves and now I'm doing things the proper way!  When I really thought about the mechanics of it all, I guess I could see why you would need the force of the "flow" to really flush things to where they need to be - I just hadn't thought about it much - until now!

When I break camp I will flush the tanks really well from the outside. (I have a hook up where I can do that) and hopefully that will take care of whatever may linger there! Oh, the joy of it all!

Will that day ever come when I'll just" know it all"??

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