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July 13, 2009


It's too bad that California has so many people and high taxes because the state is beautiful and the weather isn't too bad either.

I just returned from a week of traveling through the state and sorry to say it was not in the motorhome, it was in the car. Gas mileage was great at 26 mpg but the lodging was very high, maybe because I was traveling on a high volume holiday week. In my mind, if you pay even $50 per night for a campsite it's better than the $200 per night for a hotel, and not some grand hotel either....try Best Western, Holiday Inn. Okay, maybe it's the fact that I was in San Francisco and Monterey - that might have something to do with it but still. I could afford to pay for more gas if my lodging was less AND I would be able to sleep in my own bed every night, eat my own cooking. Next time maybe I'll plan ahead and make a few campsite reservations or better yet, I think September might be a fabulous time to view the lovely state of California. There are a lot of places still unexplored. Hum....the wheels are turning.....

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