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May 29, 2009

Dream Home

I resolve to be a better blogger!
On May 11th, I bought a 2003 Gulfstream BTouring Cruiser, fully loaded, thanks to the very kind and helpful lady I bought it from. I took my dad with me to California and we checked it out together. He seemed impressed and that was good enough for me, as I consider him to be the Motorhome expert in our family.

Once I wired the money, which took much longer than anticipated, we were off for our first night at the local campground. No hookups, but what did I care? I didn't know any better anyway. It was great fun as far as I was concerned!
I took a shower in the campground facility and had to pay $.75 for very little water pressure, but it still felt good because it was a hot day and I felt sticky. The next night we stayed outside of Grants Pass, Or and had electric & water so I got a few lessons in how to properly hook up at the campsite.
The motorhome, which I've name Ellie after Eleanor Roosevelt, is very easy to drive and I'm getting more used to it as time goes on. It's my desire to travel, site-seeing along the way and occasionally do some workamping. Since I've never workamped before and I am traveling solo I really don't know how easy or hard it will be to secure a job. I love following other bloggers who are doing it - they are my motivation and inspiration to keep on going!
Onward Ho!

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